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Shell Cluster With Small Beads

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Shell Cluster With Small Beads 

The shell cluster adorned with small beads is a captivating and exquisite home decor item that effortlessly brings the tranquil beauty of the ocean into your living space. This artisanal creation combines the delicate elegance of seashells with the shimmering allure of Small beads, resulting in a mesmerizing cluster that evokes a sense of seaside serenity. Each meticulously selected seashell complements the intricate beadwork, reflecting the play of light and shadow, adding a touch of coastal charm to any room. Whether used as a centerpiece on a dining table, hung as a wall ornament, or placed on a mantel, the shell cluster with small beads infuses your home with a soothing coastal aesthetic, transforming it into a haven of relaxation and natural beauty.

Colour: Natural & White

Material: Shell & Wooden Beads

Dimensions 50cm long 

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